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YouTube Virtual Tours

The LeadIDX system now creates High Quality YouTube virtual tours for every property. This system is completely automated and includes your brokerage branding and contact information as well as random agent data from your list of realtors. If the property is your listing then of course it will display your agent contact information and picture. Video really helps SEO and everyone loves virtual tours. We are already seeing great SEO results from this feature and the videos are getting views and click throughs! Contact us today to discuss an IDX system for your brokerage.

Speed and performance matters for SEO

In this post we examine MLS 201653083

We like to use webpagetest.org as it is the de facto standard for website testing. For many developers and administrators it can give valuable insight.

Our client is UnitedRealty.net. #1 for this MLS number, which we see a lot for MLS numbers, addresses, Subdivisions, etc.

By the way, the third listing in the google results below is our clients youtube video, generated by our system automatically. This is a new feature we are launching.

Back to webpagetest.org,..

Here are our test results. The B for Cache Static Content is a B because with Google maps and other content coming from third party sources we cannot control their caching.

Here we have Zillow (same property). Notice the F for Cache Static Content. F's are never good on this tool.

Here we have Realtor.com. Two F's. Repeat 3rd grade please.

Here we have Trulia. Better than two F's, by a little.

IDX Broker. Didn't we say F"s are bad? And they are not using a CDN (Content Delivery Network).




Now scroll back to the top of this post and notice who ranks #1 for the MLS number. yes our client running our system. Coincidence? No it isn't. Google factors speed and other related factors into rankings. Several years ago in this blog post we discussed this and linked to the google article on the subject. Today, years later, it is even more important. Our clients get traffic, our clients get leads, our clients get phone calls, our websites generate Leads and this is one of the many reasons this has been true since 2007.

Saving Searches and Property Alerts

Below you can see the "Save Search" functionality. In saving a search the user can also choose to be notified of new properties meeting their criteria (Property Alerts). Our system allows the user to to be notified, immediately, daily, or weekly and even choose which day of the week to be notified. This functionality ties into the Social Media logins as well. No matter how the user creates their account they get all of the same functionality and options.

Our open discussion with George @ http://agentredefined.com

u can view the post here:


We loved this article and that George published our comments and engaged in a discussion. Most of the IDX systems on the market lead to zero results and we saw this as an opportunity to show how our system is different.

In his initial response on November 5th George said:

I agree with your that the indexing of a website with listings data can help tremendously with SEO. But when you are competing with Zillow on the search terms “Homes for Sale in ________” or “Houses for Sale in ___________” is going to be extremely difficult to get on page 1 of a Google/Bing search.

I have tried to compete with Zillow/Trulia on this before with my own brokerages website when I still owned one and in a middle to large sized market it’s going to be tough to compete with them on that level.

If you have results to share on successes we would love to hear about them.

There are many examples of where we do outrank the national sites.

Here is one:


Social Media logins

In order to further increase Lead Generation our system will now allow users to login with Facebook and Google (and probably Twitter). We have already developed and tested the code. Below you can see the Facebook and Google buttons. Next we will be adding LinkedIn and Twitter which will complete Phase1 of the social login functionality.

LeadIDX Results Virtual Tour

Search by Price Reduced as Amount of Percentage

The LeadIDX system allows users to sort their results by Price Reduced as a total amount or a percentage

Here is the drop down with the Price Reduced options

And here are results sorted by Price Reduced Amount.

We love Google, Google loves US!

MLS: 3155612 located at 6429 Farmingdale Dr, Charlotte NC 28212 came on the market at 11:22 am on March 12th 2016. Just 15 minutes ago as this post is typed.

CharlotteNC.net ranks #1 for the MLS number in Google and Page 1 for the address. The site is the only local website on Page 1.

Here is the address listing:

Why is this important?

When a property comes on the market, people start searching for it. Sometimes they know the MLS number, sometimes they know the address. Sometimes their friend told them about it, sometimes they drove by it, sometimes they saw something else online about, always they are looking for more information.

Below is an excerpt from the CharltoteNC.net Google Analytics reporting. Notice how there are several clicks for each property. However, google only reports the keyterm for about 20% of the traffic, therefore for every 6 clicks you see there are probably 24 other clicks.

For a market like Charlotte NC where there are 11k properties on the market at any given time, this is a lot of quality targeted traffic coming to your site!

This is just one of the many, MANY, ways we grow your site traffic with targeted quality traffic.

We launched CharlotteNC.net July 1st 2015. The site had little traffic when we took it over. Below is a graph of just the ORGANIC SEARCH traffic we have grown on the website.

The site gets hundreds of visitors a day, Once you contact us, we would be happy to share the actual numbers with you.(note the dip in traffic over Christmas, this is normal)

LeadIDX is launching a new client in San Diego

Late last year a new potential client in San Diego contacted us. After getting through the holidays we agreed to launch a new website for this client in a very tough market. Property inventory is low in San Diego and the market is very competitive online.

The competition is also competitive in Charlotte, where we launched a new client last July. We always tell new client prospects they can feel free to call our existing clients. Unbeknownst to us at the time, this client called our Charlotte client who gave us and our system a high recommendation.

We have grown the Charlotte site from literally zero traffic to now flirting with 500 - 700 users per day with good organic methods that will sustain and continue to grow.

The San Diego client will see the same results!

Although...the fact is that as we continue to grow the system both clients will see even better results.

New website growing Organic SEO traffic

Below is a Google Analytics graph of Organic Search traffic for one of our new clients in Charlotte North Carolina.  This is weekly NEW traffic solely from SEO. The domain, charlottenc.net did not have an existing website and hence it is building from zero (July 2015 started). This client is very pleased with the results and is already getting leads from the system. Notice there is often a slight dip in traffic before a significant increase, this is normal.

2015 Pricing and Demo link

Starting in March 2015 our current year pricing will be
Setup $2,000
Monthly for IDX and VOW $200

This includes a complete turn key site including custom configuration and our advanced SEO.

For more information on the SEO capabilities of our system please follow this link to our posts tagged SEO.

To see a LIVE DEMO visit UnitedRealty.net, or visit CharlotteNC.net

Both of the sites below are new and neither had existing traffic before implementing the LeadIDX system.
Both sites were launched on a tight budget, the lack of refined content is proof of this, however both sites are generating traffic, leads, and repeat visits.

United Realty has over 30,000 pages indexed in Google. In their area, there are only 3,000 properties on the market. This is a factor of 10 to 1 and very good.
Click here to see how many pages indexed in google

Can we download the listings and let you use the data on your own?

We often get asked by a broker's web company or third party companies if we can download the data, put it into the clients existing database and format it. In a case like this we do not provide the website, we only provide the download and up to date functionality of the data and images.

Yes we can do this!  We can put the data into Microsoft SQL Server, MS SQL, Flat file, or any number of formats.


Below is a screenshot of our downloader software at work. The software is 100% developed by our company.


3,395 Keywords that caught flies for our client

Search engines are often referred to as "spiders". This is because they "crawl" the Internet.

As an SEO focused IDX Website provider we often refer to the keywords we target as fly traps. We leverage tens of thousdands of keywords and pages for our clients. A page may site in the google index for three weeks and never get a click and the one day a click, two clicks and then it goes dormant again until the next person searches on that specific term.

The graphic below shows the keyterms that were clicked on for one of our clients over a short period of time. The data comes from Google Analytics.

As part of our service we monitor traffic, keyterms, SEO, and user behavior to continually maximize the results.


LeadIDX IDX/VOW websites are sticky!

What does Sticky mean? Simply it means that users stick to the site or stay on the site for a long time and return to the site, both VERY good results.

In the image below we are showing the traffic from a LeadIDX customer going back many months. We do this to show these numbers are not a fluke. On average visitors stay on the site for almost 30 minutes (26 minutes 58 seconds on average). They view over 8 pages on average. Our results pages can contain 200 properties and unlike many other systems our results pages actually include the description/remarks and other important fields which means the user can determine from the results alone if they are interested in the property.

The average bounce rate is a very, very very, low 33.14%. THis means that only 33% of the users view one page and leave, typically bounce rates are in the 80 - 90% range for most sites.

The 55.59% of new sessions means that 44.1% of the users are RETURN visitors, this is extremely imporant. A good IDX Website or VOW Website will not only keep users on the site but keep them returning. In today's real estate market users often search anonymously but when they find the home of their dreams they want to spring into action immediately and contact a Realtor. If they keep searching on your website then they are much more likely to choose you or one of your Realtors.


Search Results with Map and List Together

Below is an image of search results on one of our client websites. Notice that the user can increase/descrease the map size. As they do this a cookie is saved which saves the users preferences for this visit and future visits.


LeadIDX supports multiple Rets Feed in one system

The newest version of the LeadIDX system supports multiple RETS feed in one system.

Whether like IRMLS (Indiana Regional MLS) where multiple cities share one system or in the case of needing to display completely separate feeds such as Houston ,Austin, Dallas, the LeadIDX system can allow users to interact with an infinite number of feeds without costly programming or customizations.

MLS rules prevent comingling of data across feeds which is a good idea anyway. I consumer in Dallas doesn't want results in Austin and so on. However in one website your users can go from one market to another market and the SEO is separate for each market. A user coming in from a search term in google tied to Austin Texas will get Austin Texas results and options as the default.

Top Ten Things to Consider for IDX and VOW

From our main navigation:

Top Ten things to consider when it comes to IDX and VOW

The LeadIDX team has been in the IDX/VOW world for 7 years. In that time we have learned a lot, taught a lot, and kept a lot of secrets when we learn things. Without giving away the key to the kingdom below we share some high level areas of consideration. This list will grow over time.

  1. Do you have the best IDX system in your market? Do you know how to qualify what the "best" is? Do you know how a good IDX system can actually bring new clients to you? Fresh from google to your website to your phone or email, just that simple! We do not mean people that are searching for your company name or the names of your realtors, we mean consumers that do not know you but turn to google looking for a home, a lot, a condo, a farm, a commercial property and they find your website. The love the search, the functionality, they stay and search, they return often, and when they are ready to act they CHOOSE your brokerage because of the technology. This is the story of our clients.


Read the other 9 things HERE

Who can really do a VOW (Virtual Office Website) website?

Rarely a week goes by that we don't hear from a broker that we are one of the very few companies that "actually" can and has done VOW websites.

We often hear that our competitors market VOW capabilities but once the broker contacts them directly they find that VOW is not possible.

Simply put, VOW allows the broker to display sold and non-idx properties on their website to users that are logged in via confirming their email address and agreeing they have a relationship with the broker.

Of course we are not surprised. Every broker ask us why.

Here is the answer:

  • VOW is not easy. It can often mean enormous amounts of data that is simply too much for most IDX providers to handle
  • The email confirmation and user tracking is often functionality that isn't "normally" found in an IDX system and therefore the IDX company doesn't want to add it
  • Some local and regional boards require that the IDX/VOW provider track and limit how many sold properties the user can view over a lifetime. If an IDX company does not have these capabilities they can be scared to put their neck on the line and potentially cause their client broker to incur fines or fees.
  • Most IDX systems (our competitors) are slow. Compared to our system they are all slow. See our post (http://leadidx.com/post/IDX-Website-rankings-are-affected-by-page-load-speed.aspx) Using Northeast Indiana as an example, approx 3000 residential properties active on the market (IDX) but when including VOW (sold, non-idx but active) the number jumps into the tens of thousands. So if your system is slow with 3k properties, how much slower will it be with 20k? This is the question they ponder and cannot solve.
  • More and more local boards are joining regional boards which means more data and more filters, this comes back to complexity which is a big challenge for most IDX providers.


Hopefully this gives you some insight.

We have done numerous VOW's with success and ease.

Full CRM integration between LeadIDX system and eRelocation.net Lead Management (CRM)

Recently for a client we integrated the leads generated by our LeadIDX system into their eRelocation CRM system.

When a lead is generated on the client website (our system) the lead is then also inserted into the eRelo system and the eRelo ID is stored in the LeadIDX system. This allows our client to manage the lead in eRelo while it is still connected to the informatio and tracking in the LeadIDX system. There is additional information that is learned from this process which we do not make public but can be provided on a one on one basis.

From eRelocation.net

eRelocation is the Real Estate Industry's most powerful and comprehensive Relocation Department Management Software Solution available.

eRelocation initially began when a successful real estate brokerage went out into the marketplace to find a better solution than they subscribed to at that time. Not being able to find what they needed to run more efficiently, they developed it from the ground up. Quickly, other companies noticed and began to show an interest in eRelocation, as they too saw the limitations in what they were using to manage their department.

eRelocation does more than simply track referrals for a brokerage. Used properly, it is designed from the ground up to be a department's "one-stop" for everything related to every referral. In a Web 2.0 AJAX fashion, Individual referral information, document management and storage (contracts, invoices - anything that used to sit in a paper file), referral updates, agent performance metrics and much more - are all available in no more than a few clicks.

We are strong believers that technology for the sake of technology does no good. However, eRelocation focuses on creating greater efficiency with technology for benefits such as:

  • Automating as many day-to-day tasks as possible through Action Items. Action Items can be combined and created up front, so that frequent tasks can be performed with just a couple of quick clicks. Whether the net benefit is a reduction in staff, or staff that can focus on more important items, the result means more to your bottom line.
  • Unique agent "scorecard" model that automatically calculates a "score" for all agent performance for a given time period. Can be used for future referral placement decisions, or as a "carrot" to perform better on future referrals and be rewarded with additional referrals. Completely customizable by each brokerage, can focus on any of the important items to you: referral conversion, preferred mortgage, title, insruance and warranty conversion, BMA variance, update timeliness and more.
  • Includes unlimited login accounts for staff, branch managers, or even Agents. Customizable security roles to define access restrictions - reporting, viewing referrals, editing referrals and more. Further restrictions can include referral source (category or affinity), office or region. Allow anyone within your company to view what you allow from any web browser, any location.
  • Automatically import internet leads from an unlimited number of sources, as soon as the customer submits a web-form.
  • Unique "attachments" feature is a full-featured document management solution. Long-term retention, document classification, and even the ability to share certain (chosen) documents via a public URL link. Also allows unlimited revisions of each document without deleting prior versions. A paperless relocation department has never  been more attainable.
  • Efficient collaboration through our unique QuickSend Forms allows your Agents to submit any sort of update or appraisal form, via PDF, using only the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, without the need to mess with file attachments. And when a form is submitted, it immediately gets attached to the customer (automatically) in eRelocation for long-term retention
  • Third-party website integration using eRelocation Sync, requiring just a couple of clicks..
  • Many update forms can be easily sent to 3rd party sites (such as Cartus Broker Center and many others with just a couple of clicks.
  • Powerful ad-hoc reporting using our Advanced Referral Search - allows you to quickly search, sort, group and subtotal referrals to find the information easily. If you're looking for something more precise or complex, choose the fields needed and then export to Excel.
  • Easily assign tasks among team members using follow-up flags, or easily fill in for another team member while they're out.

This is just a small sample of all that eRelocation can bring to your Relocation Department. Ready to learn more? Contact us online, or give Cynthia Harris a call at (937) 705-1193.

New Major Version of LeadIDX released

We have launched the first phase of our new version.


You can see it here

The new features include Comparison, Get Directions, Itinerary, Additional Logged In User features, Increased Mapping options, and of course a higher level of SEO and lead generation.